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Jambo Productions creates and presents an array of dynamic and interactive shows/programs/workshops for the academic and corporate worlds. Shows take audiences on a “journey" to places they never knew existed and immerse them in the cultures of the world. Topics cover history, geography, anthropology and multiculturalism (relating to Africa, Asia, Latin America), travel, photography and can be customized to meet your requirements.

Within academia, our shows enrich the educational standards / curricula, motivate, inspire and espouse a powerful message regarding character education (promoting tolerance, respect and appreciation) as well as anti-bullying. Within the corporate world, our seminars augment diversity/sensitivity training in the work place. Our shows and programs open the eyes of audiences to the beauty, splendor and realities of the world.

Jambo Productions conducts staff development seminars for educators: Celebrating World Cultures and Incorporating Multicultural Education in the Classroom. As reported in the New York Times, Newsday and radio stations, Jambo Productions conducts 100 engagements annually across the United States.

Founded by Michael Harrold, a photographer, writer, educator, raconteur and world- traveler to 80 countries and based in the world’s most multicultural city – New York – Jambo Productions continues to explore the world and expand its programs.

Kashmir, India
When school ends the fun begins. As you can see, these girls were excited to see me when I visited their village.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Mr. Mike posing with the world’s most famous and the last surviving Galapagos Giant land (saddleback) tortoise, Lonesome George. Who is older? Lonesome George as he is almost 100 years old!

Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

Scroll over the words below to see how the sloth was rescued.

From a distance, I thought the animal floating in the water was a turtle; my guide believed it was a caiman. As we approached on our dugout canoe, we were both amazed to discover this creature was a three-toed sloth. As we watched it struggling to stay afloat, we knew it needed our help. But how do you save a three-toed sloth?

See Mike’s travel journal on the website to read about his encounter with a three-toed sloth and how they rescued it. You will not believe what happened. Read "Welcome Mr. Sloth"

Amazon, Peru

Who is the photographer? Thanks to my gracious hosts – Peter Jenson, Pam Bucur and Jaime Acevedo – of the Explorama Lodges based in Iquitos, Peru, this photo was taken at a primate refuge that they help sponsor.

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