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As a presenter/performer, you have about five minutes to “hook” the audience. My greatest asset is my enthusiasm – I love what I do and it shows. This keeps students on the edge of their seats - engaged, participating, thinking, laughing and learning.

But the greatest testament to the success of my show can best be measured that evening at the dinner table. Hopefully, without any inquiry, those who watched that day in school will be sharing my stories with their family around the dinner table. Occasionally, I receive telephone calls / emails from parents praising me for the impact my show had on their child. Coincidentally, some of those parents are themselves teachers who are so impressed with their child’s response that they want me to come to their school.

Holding a spear in my hand always gets everyone’s attention.

I enjoy getting students involved in my shows. Here, the
boys get to touch the blade of a spear.


By integrating both the simplicity, beauty and wonder of “Show and Tell" (as an enthralling raconteur) with academic accountability (enriching the standards / curricula), Jambo Productions presents engaging and interactive educational programs. Utilizing photography (via Power point), artifacts (a traveling museum) and anecdotes (what stories!), Jambo Productions opens the eyes of our audiences to the splendor (and realities) of the world.

The USA is the world’s most multicultural nation – it is our greatest asset and gives us a unique standing in the world.  In some schools, it seems as if the entire world is represented within a student body. During our shows, I implore students to realize how much we have in comparison to the rest of the world and to judge people by what is on the inside.  For students born in other countries, our programs are an affirmation as to who they are and where they came from.  Moreover, we challenge students to remember us by going home and saying “Thank You”  to their family members. Our programs celebrate the cultural diversity of the world and our country.

Who Doesn’t Love Homework?

After I recite a few phrases in Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin or Swahili, everyone assumes I speak many languages. I wish I did. I learn enough to converse in a simple yet effective manner. And when you can speak some of the language the locals perception of you is much more favorable.

Spanish is the only language that I speak “medio” – half. After spending two to three months in a country, the locals commend me as I speak their language. In Egypt, they said I spoke like a cab driver. In Austria, they said I spoke German like someone from Eastern Europe. At the Beijing Olympics, as I conversed with a Chinese family sitting nearby at a track and field event, the Australians next to me were impressed. Often the locals will ask me, “Do you live / work in our country ?”.

To learn anything in life you must do your homework. When I travel, I have books, study, practice and do my homework.

CREDENTIALS: Michael Harrold graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo, is certified in Secondary Social Studies, is contracted with a stock photo agency in New York and publishes travel stories.

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